From morning to night, the beautiful sea town of Caorle offers endless opportunity for entertainment, either on the beach, going shopping, sports, or nightlife, which would make your vacation unforgettable.

Caorle is certainly up-to-date in its shopping venues and it knows how to satisfy the most diverse demands and needs.

In the numerous stores along the streets of Caorle, one can find the latest fashion and the most in vogue designers, or convenient merchandises where to obtain excellent value for money.


Caorle’s stores can satisfy any needs, from the supermarkets always furnished with primary goods, to the artisan workshops, where visitors can see how fishermen nets are made, or admire the Glass master artisans who moved here from Murano and Venice.

During a break from shopping, visitors can enjoy an aperitif in one of the numerous wine-bars located near the fish market, where in addition to the superb wines from the vineyards in Pramaggiore and Collio, they can taste the delicious finger food prepared according to the Venetian custom.

In addition to the traditional aperitif called “spritz”, made with white wine and sparkling water, one can also enjoy fruit cocktails and non alcoholic drinks with their lively summer colours.


In many bars it is also possible to enjoy live music while sipping delicious wines.

Many concerts are also organized in the town squares. Music from the 70s and 80s, Caribbean rhythms, and salsa dances will surely engage and enrapture Caorle guests in a marvellous open air party.

After dinner, visitors can enjoy a drink in the trendy bars and then continue the night dancing in the two clubs, each one with its specific musical genre. The more romantic guests cannot miss a walk along the beach, under the moon, because Caorle’s beach is beautiful at day, and stunning at night.