When we release our breath, we release our tensions.
Gay Hendricks, psychologist and writer (1945)

At the Hotel Garden Sea, a massage means surrendering oneself to healing hands, practiced by an expert, simply by letting go of worries and stress and allowing someone professional to take care of us to make us feel good, to feel protected, pampered and nurtured.

A ritual in which our therapists’ expertise via massage release the burdens from within our body and mind, infuse comfort and relaxation and know exactly how to identify our body and all of its five senses.

The founding of spiritual healing is to create harmony between body and soul, an experience which allures one into relaxing and letting go.

All of our effective treatments, are aimed to totally relax you and carry you to feel at peace, to experience total bliss, a sensation of release from the inside and out, a state only attained by unifying heart, body and soul into becoming one entire being.