The beach and endless Adriatic sea is on the Horizon, always in front of us and yet each day is different …. At the Hotel Garden Sea we have learned to appreciate the beauty and which we never take for granted.

The sea air, the seaweed, the iodine and mineral salts, taking a holiday at the seaside is also the perfect opportunity for getting into shape, and by just breathing in, we are taking advantage of all the natural elements at hand.

When thinking of mermaids we immediately imagine a beautiful women in great shape all year round! It could not be otherwise considered, just how many benefits we have with the sandy beach, the sea air and the salt water.

When spending time at the sea, we very often associate it as a holiday on the beach and getting ourselves a deep suntan and we tend to ignore or often forget that really and truly the best part of all this is just right here, between the waves and the sand.
We can of course keep ourselves active and be constantly on the move, but stop right there and breathe, take a deep breath or enjoy a leisurely swim or a walk along the shore. Without thinking about it we are already taking in all the benefits of the sea air by inhaling the iodine and this is beneficial all throughout our bodies.

At the Hotel Garden Sea, we know for a fact that the sea air IMPROVES SKIN QUALITY AND SKIN CONDITION.
The sea has anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties which are beneficial to the skin. Also, thanks to the presence of sodium, sulfur and copper, anyone suffering from dermatological disorders, such as eczema, psoriasis, or other types of irritation, will for sure benefit from a long bathe in the seawater. The waves help to reduce and eliminate water retention or swelling through osmosis, favouring the drainage of fluids.

Did you know that the sea also HELPS LOSE WEIGHT?
By simply breathing in deeply the iodine and other salts contained in the sea air, we can kindle a blocked or slow metabolism and enjoy the same beneficial reaction as though we were heeding to a strict diet.

The sea, the seaweed and the sand all produce incredible benefits in the treatment of rheumatism and muscle pain as well as excellent aesthetic results in the treatment of cellulite and deep exfoliation of the skin.
The sea improves the stimulus to the muscles of the body and creates regeneration of skin cells and tissue oxygenation, making the skin more beautiful and bright, a polished appearance similar to one which has undergone treatment like scrubbing and instead we are taking advantage of the natural process of the sea’s salts which will also enhance any other ongoing treatment.

AT THE SEASIDE: long walks or running barefoot on the sand stimulates weight loss and circulation, thanks to the natural massage created by resting our feet on the wet sand.
Walking in the sea with the water up to calves or thighs, or, swimming tones up legs and arms, or challenge swimming against the force of the waves.

To fully enjoy all the benefits of this huge outdoor spa, always respect the few simple rules:
Always protect your skin from the sun rays by using appropriate sunscreen creams,
Use hair oil to prevent it from drying,
Ensure you use extra moisturizing cream for the face every night and a nourishing aftersun cream on your body
Ensure a diet rich in antioxidants, lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fish.