Why settle for less?!

Caorle beach is an essential part of any ideal vacation. Caorle’s broad seashore, with its fine sand, its green areas and playgrounds for children and adults, provides comforts for everyone.  It is so relaxing that you will find real pleasure and contentment.

And for your added pleasure, the Caorle coast hides a marine world of significant natural beauty and unusual flora and fauna. Here you can explore the famous ‘tegnùe’: the organic reefs which are the habitat of numerous fascinating marine species.

The seabeds of the western coasts of the upper Adriatic Sea consist of sandy-muddy expanse, locally interrupted by islands of solid substrates. These outcrops are rich microenvironments, with the presence of considerable variety of plant and animal species. In the venetian language they are called “Tegnue”. Once considered the remains of sunken cities, they are now being studied for their biodiversity but they are also beautiful sites to explore.

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