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At Hotel Garden Sea we think 'green'. For years we have been committed to ensuring that everything we do is in full respect of the environment that surrounds us. We adopt energy-saving criteria as far as possible in order to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact, while respecting nature.

Respect the environment and help us ensure a better future for future generations.

Why Eco-Hotel?

KM0 food

Our menu always features KM0 products, thus ensuring support for local businesses and a saving of CO2 due to food transport. We thus also guarantee the freshness of the products you will find on the table, making you try traditional local products for new tasting routes.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

We use environmentally friendly and biodegradable products to clean our rooms and common areas. We thus avoid the use of substances that could harm the environment and your and our health.

Energy-saving light bulbs

The hotel uses energy-saving light bulbs to illuminate the rooms, indoor and outdoor common areas. Low consumption translates into less waste of electricity, which produces enormous amounts of CO2 during all processes. The saving in CO2 therefore translates into approximately 8 trees saved per guest.


In many realities it has become a daily practice taken for granted, but waste separation is very important. In our hotel we use different containers according to the type of waste in order to generate as little undifferentiated waste as possible.

Bicycle rental

We offer a bicycle rental service to enable our guests to discover the surroundings in an eco-friendly manner. In addition to being an incentive to leave the car off during your holiday, the bicycle offers numerous advantages and allows you to experience all the benefits of an active holiday on two wheels.

Renewable energy

The hotel has photovoltaic panels and panels for hot water production. This saves considerably on electricity consumption; moreover, we use electricity suppliers who produce energy using green sources, so this results in less CO2 consumption and less impact on the environment.

Single-serving products

We use single-serving products to a minimum, in fact the food served at breakfast is mostly produced by us, using local KM0 raw materials. The bulk products also allow the use of reusable containers, reducing the use of plastic and other non-recyclable material, all in compliance with health and hygiene regulations.

Charging column for electric cars and bicycles

Our charging station allows you to charge any type of electric car or bicycle. At the Hotel Garden Sea Wellness & Spa you can organise your holiday according to your car with all the advantages for the environment.

Piazza Belvedere, 2 - Lungomare Trieste (Levante Beach)

30021 Caorle (VE) Italy


Tel (+39) 0421 210036

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