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Those who arrive in Caorle for the first time will shortly discover that they are not in an ordinary sea resort pivoting exclusively around its beach, but rather in a small charming and welcoming town, with its maritime traditions and its strong attachment to the surrounding agricultural territory.

This all finds its best expression in the local cuisine, of which Caorle’s chefs exalt the great qualities by attentively preparing and presenting each dish.

The core ingredient for most dishes is fish, freshly delivered daily to the local fish market by a large fleet of small fishing boats. The nutritive value of some local fish and shellfish, such ascapesante (scallops), moscardini (small octopuses), and canestrelli (small scallops) is universally renown by chefs and nutritionists.

Area to be discovered

A short bike ride on the new cycle tracks takes you to the largest farm of the area, the Azienda Agricola Ca’ Corniani, with its fields of corn, soy, wheat, its eel-breeding centre and vast vineyards. These wines can be tasted in the old cellars that have been recently restored.

Wine region

Caorle is situated in a strategic area for wine production: a few kilometres west is the D.O.C. zone of Basso Piave, where several small wine-producers companies produce wines of great quality of the following grapes: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Raboso, Pinot noir and Pinot grigio, Merlot, Tocai, Verduzzo and Chardonnay. Close to the Basso Piave area, is located the D.O.C. area of Lison–Pramaggiore, also known as the “la strada dei vini dei Dogi” (the Doges’ wine route), as Venetian families used to make their wines in this area. Here, wine producers signs still bear the Saint Mark Lion, symbol of the Venice Republic. The typical grapes of the territory are, in addition to the ones already mentioned for the Basso Piave, the Malbech, the “Refosco dal peduncolo rosso”, the “Verduzzo dolce”.

Cuisine delights

Hotel Garden Sea is an integral part of Eastern Veneto. The region is rich in heritage and traditions, which reflect in the extraordinary wide enogastronomic culture.Following one of the various food and wine itineraries is a wonderful way for food and wine lovers to discover and enjoy the local specialities and products.

Naturally grown fruit and vegetables and respectful livestock farming, respect for the traditions and the seasons, the patience to wait for the right maturation and the careful preservation of the products, definitely make the Eastern Veneto stand out for its excellency produce such as Montasio PDO, the white asparagus of Bibione, the bitter green asparagus of Montine, the violet artichokes of Sant'Erasmo, the schille della Laguna, the moscardini of Caorle, the moeche and mazanete, the eels of Livenza, the Legual and the carnaroli rice of Caorle and Portogruaro.

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